Now you can receive these benefits in the comfort of your own home. Co-founders Melissa and Justin are on a mission to bring health and wellness in the convenience of your home.

Here is What You’ll Learn in this Healthy Lifestyle Podcast:

  • Melissa and Justin's Healthy Lifestyle Journey
  • What is red light therapy?
  • The benefits of red light therapy
  • How does red light therapy work?
  • Melissa and Justin's Lifestyle Challenge!


About Melissa & Justin


Melissa & Justin Strahan

Melissa is the heart of Joovv. Her desire to connect and love on each of their customers is something that makes her truly special and the reason why she thrives as head of the relationships team. Compassionate and resourceful, Melissa has overcome many health issues and loves sharing the wealth of insight she has gained along the way.

Not just any man can take his wife's dream and make it a reality. This is just one of the reasons why Justin is such a special part of the Joovv team. Intuitive and thorough, Justin's affinity for process and extreme attention to detail is why Joovv is lucky to have him as head of R&D. Prior to inventing and developing the Joovv Light, he spent his entire career as an engineer managing design and development teams. Justin considers himself blessed to share life with his high school sweetheart, Melissa, and their six children. Together, they share the same passion for bringing health and wellness to the world.

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Lifestyle Challenge

Red Light Therapy Benefits

  • Repairs sun damage
  • Reduces wrinkles
  • Enhances muscle recovery and peak performance
  • Heals acne and other blemishes
  • Fades scars and stretch marks
  • Speeds wound healing
  • Reduces joint inflammation
  • Increases testosterone production



Additional Research on Red Light Therapy

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