We live in a society of go, go, go! Often finding it difficult to unwind, let go, and succumb to a restful state. Most people I met feel guilty carving out a chunk of time for a little R&R. Whether it is a rest from work, or physical activities it is important to honor and nourish your body, so it can preform at it’s optimal levels.

Strength & Conditioning Coach, Sean Light emphasis’s the need for regular rest periods between your workout schedule. This allows the muscles that have been broken down to rest and recover. Thus having the ability to increase your desired weights and reps. Sean stresses the attention on form, ensuring that you are properly lifting to prevent injuries and strains.

The best way to know if you are well rested is to listen to your body, tuning into the feelings and sensations that arise and to know your limits! You do not want to overload your body as this may lead to long term damage.

Here is What You’ll Learn in this Podcast:

  • Sean Light's Healthy Lifestyle Journey
  • Why rest is important
  • What it means to have your body at optimal performance
  • The importance of form and healthy workout routine
  • Sean's Lifestyle Challenge!

We would love to hear what your GO TO sport or activity to break a sweat is!


About Sean Light

Sean Light

Sean Light is a Registered Strength & Conditioning Coach who has spent many years working in professional sports. Most recently serving as a strength & conditioning coach for the Los Angeles Lakers and the Arizona Diamondbacks. 
With philosophies deeply rooted in Neuroscience, Light works to teach and treat people starting at the deepest level, the brain. A constant researcher, he is developing new and revolutionary techniques for true health and performance.
Along with Strength & Conditioning, Sean is also a Licensed Massage Therapist and Postural Restoration Trained. 

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We would love to hear what your GO TO sport or activity to break a sweat is!

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