Welcome to “Reishi Mushrooms for Immunity: What You Need to Know” Podcast!

Reishi Mushrooms for Immunity: What You Need to Know

This is the first episode of the brand new podcast series focused on “Mushrooms for Immunity or Immune System Health” and in this episode, we will be focusing on understanding why Reishi mushrooms are so popular with health enthusiasts and mushroom lovers for supporting immune system health and overall well-being.

Once we cover enough variety of mushrooms in our podcast series, we will also do few podcasts on the overall benefit of taking any mushroom.

Some of you may have seen or witnessed that mushroom is becoming more mainstream now in the west and more people have started taking it in a variety of forms such as in the tea form or soups, vitamins etc. Some simply love to eat mushrooms more often and we will cover all of that in the end of this series.

Here is What You’ll Learn about “Reishi Mushrooms for Immunity” in this Current Episode:

  • Interesting Facts about Reishi Mushrooms you may not know about it.
  • Scientific background of why Reishi Mushrooms are so popular with Health Enthusiasts...
  • What are the different uses of the Reishi mushrooms and which one is the Best?

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