Physical and mental health is challenged when bringing a new baby into the home. Often times mental health suffers as the needs of the baby are catered to and the new mother’s needs are put on the back burner. While some feelings of depression are normal, however when symptoms last longer than 2 weeks this is classified as postpartum depression and treatment should be sought.


Guest Dr. Dawn Kingston sheds light on postpartum depression and its stigma.

Here is What You’ll Learn about Postpartum Depression in this Podcast:

  • Dr. Kingston's Healthy Lifestyle Journey
  • What is postpartum depression
  • Symptoms and signs of postpartum depression.
  • What is normal and not normal mental states during pregnancy and postpartum?
  • Dr. Kingston's Lifestyle Challenge!


Dr. Kingston's Bio

Dr. Dawn Kingston is an associate professor at the University of Calgary in Alberta, Canada, and holder of the Lois Hole Hospital for Women Cross-Provincial Chair in Perinatal Mental Health.

Dr. Kingston has been doing research on prenatal mental health for the past 10 years. She became interested in women’s mental health during pregnancy as a nurse caring for sick infants in a neonatal intensive care unit. Her goal is to set up systems to provide support for emotional and mental health during pregnancy, especially in areas where it is unavailable, to improve pregnancy outcomes and prevent postnatal depression. 

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Mental Health Resources

Dr. Kingston's Website

Canadian Mental Health Association

National Institute of Mental Health


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