Be Prepared!

Prepare your pantry with all the essentials and commodity foods. Long-term food storage is the best way to prepare yourself and family in case an emergency or disaster. Creating a long-term food storage creates edible insurance for unpredictable times or changes with physical health, financial income, education, or even a natural disaster.

Now you must be thinking:

  • How long is long-term?
  • How do I get started creating a long-term food storage in my pantry?
  • What should I buy?
  • And how do I create delicious dishes that will my satisfy nutritional needs and my taste buds?

Chef Keith Snow shares his insider tips on starting and creating a Long-Term Food Storage this fall harvest! Also, Keith shares his delicious recipes and how you can transform a dull dish into an ethnic delicacy.

Here is What You’ll Learn about Long-Term Food Storage in this Podcast:

  • Keith Snow's Healthy Lifestyle Journey
  • How to prepare for the fall harvest?
  • Creating edible insurance.
  • Long self life foods and storage tips for short shelf life produce.
  • Keith's Lifestyle Challenge!

Chef Keith Snow's Bio

Catapulted up the food chain from his job as a substitute dishwasher at age fourteen, Chef Keith Snow rose through the ranks to become Executive Chef at one of Colorado's premier ski resorts.

Keith has turned all of that experience and his passion for teaching others into several online learning cooking courses. He takes big ideas like long-term food storage and niche diets like Paleo & Keto, and teaches people real-world ways to make it happen with tasty results. Keith's online learning platform Tasty Education uses video to provide detailed & niche-focused instructions for real people.

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Long-Term Food Storage


food storage feastLearn to turn rice, beans, potatoes, freeze-dried stuff, and other long-term storage ingredients into a steady supply of delicious meals.

Food Storage Feast is full of step-by-step recipe videos and detailed, actionable info on selecting and storing foods you’ll be excited to cook and eat.
Build confidence, cut your grocery bill, become a better cook, and lock food security into your life now, before you actually need it.

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The Harvest Eating Cookbook

The Harvest Eating Cookbook is the manual for “Harvest Eating,” and encourages the reader to use foods that are fresh and in-season, and to prepare them using whole, natural ingredients. The more than 200 easy, delicious recipes are identified by season to emphasize the importance of buying fresh ingredients. It includes a do-it-yourself chapter, called “Cookenomics,” that provides the reader with easy-to-follow instructions for making some staples at home in order to avoid the processed foods that fill our supermarkets today. Includes a climactic zone chart that tells when certain foods are available in each region.

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