Our Mission: At Healthy Lifestyle Podcast, our goal is to share healthy lifestyle tips, tricks and topics through our Free Podcast Episodes.

In order to support the above mission, we constantly look for the Guests who want to share their knowledge on healthy lifestyle aspects through our podcasts.

If you share our passion for helping others achieve a healthier and better lifestyle, then please do contact us through below form:

Contact Form Removed as We are Not Taking Any Requests for the Interview Requests Until Further Notice!


Please consider the following guidelines while contacting us:

  • No remuneration is paid to guests for the podcast interviews
  • Your topic should be enhancing the healthy lifestyle aspects in a positive way
  • Your bio will be displayed on the episode post and at the beginning of the podcast introduction only once. No blatant advertising is allowed.
  • The main focus of an interview is to provide a good quality content to listeners and readers through your engaging content
  • We will work with you to finalize the best date for the interview podcast recording.

Steps for a Successful Podcast

We respect your time and expect you to show up on time for the interview podcast.

Here are few suggestions for your consideration:

  • Our preferred day for the interview podcasts is Tuesday.
  • Our preferred time slot for the interview podcasts is from 2 PM to 3 PM Mountain Standards Time Zone.
  • We use Zoom or Skype platform for recording the interviews.
  • It is always recommended to provide the topic in as much details as you can including your bio, photograph, resources etc as we will be happy to share it with our listeners.
  • Our goal during the interview podcast is to know more about you and share your expertise with our listeners from a common sense perspective with more focus on practical tips than the theoretical aspects. We avoid geek lingo as much as we can because our goal is to help our listeners and not to simply share the expertise with them.
  • We do not allow any type of racial, religious, political etc views on our podcast. We are all about respecting each individual for their expertise. In case any such message is shared on the interview, we reserve all the rights to remove such interview podcasts at our discretion.
  • Since the time is limited for the podcast, please share your story as precise as you can. Even though we would love to share your message if it helps our listeners, we may request for more podcast interviews so that each podcast remains a reasonable long episode.
  • Please keep checking here as we will share more tips here over the time.

Questions for a Successful Podcast

Even though we would love to standardize our questions for every interview podcast, it is not practical due to a variety of reasons.

We have tried our best to make few questions standard and those are shared here ahead of time so that you understand our audience better.

  • 1

    What inspired you to write this book or do a project or pursue any specific cause?

    Based on the feedback from our audience, we have noticed that personal stories are extremely powerful connections between the experts and the listeners. Due to this reason, we start with your 'WHY' first so that we know more about you.

  • 2

    What is the primary message you are trying to convey through your book?

    This is where you can share more about the book and the main content readers will see. You can spend a good amount of time here explaining your key points or sharing a trailer of your best points from the book so that you can motivate more people to read your book without pushing them to buy it.

  • 3

    Can you share few tips from your book which can help our listeners immediately?

    Giving your best information for free is always the best type of marketing.

  • 4

    Our Podcast is all about healthy lifestyle habits. Can you please share how your book will help our listeners with their healthy lifestyle journey?

    When listeners subscribe to our podcasts, their focus is to learn all about the healthy lifestyle topics, tips, tricks and techniques. So we want to remind you to keep this in mind and connect with our listeners by connecting your expertise from their perspective.

  • 5

    We will keep the questions conversational from here onward building on your expertise.

    The purpose is to keep asking question based on your expertise so that we all learn more from you and it does not sound like a sales pitch.


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