How to Stop Emotional Eating?

As many of you wanted us to bring an expert on How to Stop Emotional Eating and Lose Weight, I think we got the right man.

During our research we found that Kevin Michael Geary has a different take on eating psychology.

So I contacted him and managed to convince him to do an interview for our audience.

What is Emotional Eating?

Emotional Eating is a Way to Soothe or Suppress Negative Emotions such as Stress, Anger, Fear, Sadness, Boredom and Loneliness through eating. Your Food Cravings hit when you are the Weakest Emotionally. You may turn to food for comfort consciously or unconsciously. Major life events or even the daily life hassles may trigger negative emotions which may lead to emotional eating and disrupt your weight loss goals.

In this Amazing Interview Podcast We will Cover: Eating Psychology Tips by Kevin Michael Geary - How to Stop Emotional Eating and Lose Weight?

Before we continue with the insightful interview of Kevin Michael Geary, the fitness industry thought leader, let me share with you his bio.


Bio of Kevin Michael Geary, the Founder of Rebooted Body

Kevin is the founder of Rebooted Body, host of the Rebooted Body Podcast, and a leading authority on the psychology of eating.


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Here is What You'll Learn in this Podcast:

  • About Kevin Michael Geary - A brief Life Story
  • What is Emotional Eating?
  • How to Overcome Emotional Eating?
  • What is the Mind Body Connection - How Emotions Affect the Body?
  • What are the Best Ways to Lose Weight Naturally?
  • How to Stop Emotional Eating and Lose Weight

Watch Video Podcast with Kevin

All About the Rebooted Body

Emotional eating can cause obesity. In order to manage the emotional eating, you need to reprogram your body and your mind about the food.

Kevin specializes in providing physical, mental, and emotional nourishment through his coaching.

He works to reprogram your body and mind for sustainable fat loss, vibrant health, and peak performance.

The focus of the Rebooted Body program is to provide you the following:

We need to overwrite the misinformation about how to eat and how to move. Heal your eating triggers. Overcome your negative self-talk and toxic beliefs. And banish the shame and guilt.

  • How to heal your eating triggers
  • How to overcome negative self-talk
  • How to overcome toxic beliefs
  • How to banish the shame and guilt

Kevin shares his passion and his message through Rebooted Body podcast.


How to Stop Emotional Eating

Listen to Kevin's advice directly in the Podcast and you will learn a lot.

Want to see Kevin in action? Here is a Video where he shares his vision on the fitness industry:



Podcast Hosted by Kevin and His Fitness Tips

We are going to make it easy for you so that you can watch different videos here to learn more about him and his program:

I hope you find the information on the how to stop emotional eating and lose weight insightful and interview with Kevin interesting and inspiring.

Disclaimer - The information presented on herbs or foods or any other topic is for informational purposes only. Never take any action without consulting your doctor. Never give any type of herb to children without talking to a doctor. All the statements made on this podcast have not been evaluated by the FDA. The herbs or foods mentioned on this podcast are not intended to cure, treat, diagnose or prevent disease. Always play it safe.

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