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Episode#2 – Carb-sensitive Thyroid Diet Plan for Weight Loss

For those who are carbs-sensitive and want few ideas on what type of foods they should be taking, here are few suggestions:

1. Take Low-glycemic vegetables at least 6-7 servings a day
2. Take Low-glycemic fruits at least 1 serving a day
3. With each meal and snacks, take 1 serving of Good Fat
4. Take 6-8 Lean Protein serving in a day – spread it around meal and snacks time
5. Water – drink at least 64 ounces every day
6. Supplements – Vitamin D, Omega 3, Thyroid Herbs rich supplement

Even though I shared about the GI in the last episode, I am going to repeat it again for your easy reference.

Same for Lean Protein – Repeat it.

In the next episode, I am going to share few suggestions for Calorie-sensitive Diet Plan.

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