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Episode#4 – All About Lean Proteins for Thyroid Health

There are three sources for lean proteins i.e. animal protein, dairy foods and Plant Protein.

Animal Lean Proteins: Whenever possible, go for grass-fed meat, hormone-free, free-range, organically raised meat.

1. When you take Beef, take lean cuts of beef like sirloin, top round, tenderloin and avoid taking any of those fatty cuts like beef brisket, liver, ribeye steaks
2. Bison is absolutely fine.
3. Go for the skinless poultry like turkey breast, chicken breast and avoid chicken and turkey wings, legs and thighs
4. You can take lean pork like pork loin and avoid fatty cuts of pork like processed cold meats, bacons and honey-baked ham
5. Lean cuts of lamb like loin, shank, leg but avoid lamb blade and ground lamb

Seafoods: Keep an eye on contaminants on the seafood.

1. Salmon
2. Clams
3. Mussels
4. Anchovies
5. Butterfish
6. Oysters
7. Sardines
8. Shrimp
9. Tilapia
10. Trout

Eggs: Healthy protein source including omega 3 and almost believed to be near-perfect protein because of it contains a wealth of amino acids.

Dairy Foods:

1. Low-fat cottage cheese
2. Plain Yogurt
3. Greek Yogurt
4. Feta cheese

Plant Proteins:

1. Soybeans
2. Peanuts
3. Beans like kidney beans, lima beans, chickpeas
4. Seeds like pumpkin, flax and sunflower
5. Nuts like walnut, almonds, pistachio, cashews, hazelnuts and brazil nuts
6. Grains like quinoa and oats

In the next episode I will talk about the Low Glycemic Carbohydrates!

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