In the last few episodes we’ve been talking about all kinds of different Super Foods and what they can benefit; let’s keep that conversation going!

In this episode we will cover: Foods to regulate blood pressure

We all could use some knowledge on foods we can incorporate into our daily lives that are going to help us keep our heart and blood pressure in check!

What are these foods you ask?

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Jay shares his own personal story of his wife who was diagnosed with high blood pressure making high blood pressure a topic very close to home for him.

Here is Jay’s list for helping regulate blood pressure:

  • Garlic – Take it in your food or supplement if you are not a fan of the taste (I think its delicious but if you don’t that’s ok too)
  • Bell peppers
  • Apples – an apple a day keeps the blood pressure away
  • Cabbage – Goes great in just about everything
  • Watermelon – As if you need another reason to eat watermelon 😉
  • RAW Tomatoes – not cooked.. not juiced.. raw. Juices add so much sodium that it can outweigh the benefits
  • Strawberries
  • Kiwi fruit
  • Green leafs – Do what your mom says, eat your vegetables!
  • Sweet Potatoes

This is a delicious list which should be a breeze to incorporate into your daily meals. Remember to combine the foods in whatever way would be most delicious for you! Share your creations with us!

Remember that making even the smallest change to your diet can make a huge difference.

Until next time!

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