Transform your relationship with food and heal your body naturally. Binge eating is a common method to “eat” our emotions and this is why creating healthy eating habits are so important. Of course it will be a challenge at first, everything that is worth while is a challenge, but once you start noticing how your body feels eating healthy it will be something you enjoy!


Here is What You’ll Learn in this Podcast:

  • Daniel Thomas' Healthy Lifestyle Journey
  • What is the difference between a positive and negative relationship with food?
  • What are some tools for working with emotional eating?
  • How mindfulness creates healthy eating habits.
  • Daniel's Lifestyle Challenge!


Daniel Thomas' Bio

Daniel is a transformational coach and the founder of EvolutionEat, a concierge nutrition coaching company focused on developing the skill of eating and living healthily. He helps individuals create breakthroughs in their lives around their relationships​ with food. 

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relationship with food, daniel thomasIntroducing the first ever online educational course and coaching program that will help you train new eating habits, adopt a completely new lifestyle, master your diet forever, and lose weight without ever having to focus on losing weight!

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