Welcome to “Everything You don’t Know about Turkey Tail Mushrooms and Your Health” Podcast!

Everything You don't Know about Turkey Tail Mushrooms and Your Health

This is the fourth episode of all about mushrooms podcast series focused on “Everything You don’t Know about Turkey Tail Mushrooms and Your Health” and in this episode, we will be focusing on understanding the health benefits of Turkey Tail mushrooms, interesting facts about the Turkey Tail Mushroom and how it should be used to get the best results. Like many other mushrooms, this is extremely popular with health enthusiasts and mushroom lovers who love taking mushrooms for supporting their immune system health and overall well-being.

We love to talk about various aspects of mushrooms and mushrooms to be taken as vitamins for health. Today I will be sharing few interesting facts and health benefits of Turkey Tail mushrooms…

Turkey Tail mushrooms are known by other different popular names such as Trametes versicolor, Coriolus versicolor and Polyporus versicolor. Due to its shape matching to a wild turkey, it got the name as turkey tail. And the word ‘versicolor’ means this fungi displays several colors.

It commonly grows in tiled layers. It is often triangular or round shape and found all over the world including the North American forests. It often grows on the dead hardwood logs. It is also known by many other interesting names such as ‘chicken of the woods’ and ‘hen of the woods’.

Here is What You’ll Learn about “Turkey Tail Mushrooms for the health benefits” in this Current Episode:

  • Interesting Facts about Turkey Tail Mushrooms you may not know about it.
  • Introduction to a variety of research studies being done for Turkey Tail Mushrooms and how it helps us...
  • What are the different health benefits of Turkey Tail mushrooms?
  • A quick recipe for the Turkey Tail Mushrooms tea lovers?

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For those who love to make Turkey Tail Mushroom tea, here is a recipe for you:

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