There are no band-aid solutions or quick fixes when it comes to your health. As much as we wish we could go on an elimination diet or simply take a magic pill and feel delightfully better that is often not the case. Especially when these prescription drugs lead to other ailments and symptoms. Resulting in a snowball effect, next thing you know you are on 11 different prescription medications.

In this episode Functional Diagnostic Nutritional Practitioner, Sandie Gascon, shares her healthy lifestyle journey and how she healed her chronic migraines, and freed herself from a life consuming disease, Lupus. Her journey has lead her to listen to her body and uncover the root cause of her symptoms to heal her body naturally. Now she is on a mission to “unlabel” yourself from your disease, stop chasing symptoms and focus on your body as a whole to discover what is really going on.

Here is What You’ll Learn in this Podcast:

  • Sandie Gascon's Healthy Lifestyle Journey
  • Why the elimination diet is unhealthy
  • The difference between Functional Diagnostic Nutrition and traditional medicine practices
  • Mind-body healing
  • Sandie's Lifestyle Challenge!


About Sandie Gascon

Sandie Gascon

As a Certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner Sandie is living her dream helping people achieve their health goals. She has spent 6 years researching every aspect of natural healing and have made it her life long quest to continue that learning. She is able to pull knowledge from many sources including 4 year Honor’s Degree in Biomedicine, 3 year diploma in Massage Therapy, and many different natural healing courses.

Dogs are her passion. She trains and hikes with her dogs everyday. She competes in dog agility every weekend I am able. She loves yoga, golfing, kayaking and hiking. She cherishes every moment doing the things she loves because it was not long ago that she was in constant pain, fatigued and unable to do anything. Now Sandie is committed to YOUR health, with her unique method of rebuilding the body first and her whole body approach to bring your health back to its optimal levels.


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