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Sound Healing: Vibration, Energy & Intention

Are you aware of the healing benefits of sound vibrations? Music and sound healing is one of the easiest and quickest ways to raise your personal vibration, whether that is for better relaxation, for more energy, or just to feel happier. Living a high-vibration life means becoming more finely tuned, as we are all living…

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Acro Yoga

Acro Yoga: Balance, Trust, Community with Miles Kroeker

There are many ways to make yoga exciting for this summer. For one, you can learn how to do Acro yoga. In this podcast episode discover the basics with teacher Miles Kroeker. Acro yoga (also called acrobatic yoga) is a form of yoga fusion that combines traditional yoga with acrobatics. Through balance, communication, and trust, the…

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The Unknown Benefits of Red Light Therapy

Red light therapy is gaining more hype and awareness among the health and wellness scene. It uses infrared lights as the main feature and it has been known to provide therapeutic benefits to the body. Infrared lights can easily penetrate the skin, and thus it can work effectively in repairing the damaged nerves and tissues…

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Healthy Heart, Happy Heart – Dr. Jennifer Haythe

Do you have a healthy heart? Did you know that heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States? Are you aware that you can improve your heart health today? There are many factors that lead to a healthy heart and it is important to maintain a healthy balance between diet, physical…

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Rest Days to Optimize Your Workout with Sean Light

We live in a society of go, go, go! Often finding it difficult to unwind, let go, and succumb to a restful state. Most people I met feel guilty carving out a chunk of time for a little R&R. Whether it is a rest from work, or physical activities it is important to honor and…

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Navigate Through Depression with Dr. Kevin Gilliland

Depression and mental illness is not always a comfortable subject to discuss. Dr. Kevin Gilliland helps to break down the barriers to help you understand what depression is, some common symptoms of depression, and the 5 pillars that help prevent the onset of depression. Guest Podcast with Kevin   Click the above player to listen…

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Increase Your Motivation with Ian Weinberg

Motivation – we all possess this mighty power within us and the more we practice and train this motivation muscle the more it will come naturally. With high intentions of waking up to your 6am alarm Monday morning to go to the gym, many of us have created habits of pushing snooze for that extra…

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Cured by Nature with Tara Mackey

We are faced with many choices in life and often times we choose what seems simple, and more efficient. It has become routine when at the doctors office for them to prescribe you with various prescription medications instead of alternative options to be cured by nature. When was the last time you asked for an…

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Brain Fog Fix with Dr. Mike Dow

From time to time we all experience cloudiness that obstructs the activity in our brains, often during inconvenient times such as misplacing your keys running out the door for work, this is known as Brain Fog. The clouding of consciousness, is a term used in medicine denoting an abnormality in the regulation of the overall…

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Healthy Mindset, Your Greatest Investment in Life – Podcast with Scott Alan Turner

Did you know that creating a healthy mindset is the first step to living a more fulfilled life? Yes! Having a positive outlook on life will help you to achieve your dreams and reach all your goals. With that said there is much more than simply stating positive affirmations to yourself. Although positive affirmations are…

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