When it comes to Bermuda Grass, most of the people think about their lawn…

Do you know you can take bermuda grass juice for weight loss?

And many more benefits…

Learn All About the Bermuda Grass in this Amazing Herbs Podcast

Bermuda grass is known by many local names and some of these names are as follow:

  • Durva Grass
  • Dhoob
  • Bahama grass
  • Dog’s tooth
  • Couch grass
  • Indian doab
  • Cynodon Dactylon, the botanical name

As per Wikipedia, it has many popular uses for sports such as making turf for golf and sport fields because it is a fast growing and tough grass.


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Here is What You'll Learn in this Podcast:


In Ayurveda, bermuda grass is known as the king of all grasses.

Why it is considered as the king of all grasses?

It has many health benefits and some of these benefits are as follow:

  • It contains high amounts of cholorphyll
  • It controls acidity as it is an alkaline herb
  • It is an antioxidant herb

In the ancient times in many civilizations, it is used in a variety of ways and we suggest you to talk to a health care practitioner before using it as we are just sharing the information and not suggesting you to use it.

  • It is used to help support in the treatment of ashthma and bronchitis
  • It is used as a cooling agent to keep skin healthy
  • It is used to support health of eyes and vision
  • It is used to stop nose bleeds

Bermuda Grass Juice for Weight Loss

In some parts of South Asia, it's juice is taken every morning for general health and losing weight.

You can also blend Bermuda grass with palm sugar with your smoothie to detox your body. In fact some mothers give this to their kids for rejuvenating their health.

For some people, it is difficult to take it in the pure form. So I suggest you can make it taste good by adding a little bit of lime, other vegetables and fruits.

You can also add your favorite greens powder or protein powder to make it taste good.

Other Exotic Benefits of Amazing Bermuda Grass

Besides the above benefits shared, there are many other exotic benefits of taking Bermuda Grass.

  • In certain parts of India, it is taken to support post natal days for a new Mom and especially to help support mother's milk.
  • It helps eliminate toxins which help a new mom to lose weight after pregnancy.
  • Some Naturopaths use it to help support health against diabetes.

The best part is that everything is natural and no chemicals are being used. So enjoy this information and use it if you like it.

Disclaimer - The information presented on herbs or foods or any other topic is for informational purposes only. Never take any action without consulting your doctor. Never give any type of herb to children without talking to a doctor. All the statements made on this podcast have not been evaluated by the FDA. The herbs or foods mentioned on this podcast are not intended to cure, treat, diagnose or prevent disease. Always play it safe.

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