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What is Back Pain Breakthrough?

Back Pain Breakthrough is a back pain protocol sold online through

Videos, PDF guides, and other digital resources make up the protocol. The goal is to teach you actionable strategies for eliminating your back pain.

80 percent of Americans will suffer from back pain at some point in their lives. Back pain that subsides quickly is rare. Other kinds of back pain can last for years. Back pain is treated differently by different people. Some people choose to medicate themselves. Others have surgery. Some people follow the advice of their doctor, while others turn to non-traditional methods of treatment.

Back Pain Breakthrough is an alternative treatment program for back pain. It was created by a woman who suffered from debilitating back pain for years – but has now completely eliminated all traces of her back pain without drugs or surgery.

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How Does Back Pain Breakthrough Work?

There is a program called Back Pain Breakthrough that offers an alternative method of treating back pain.

According to the sales page, you should stop listening to your doctor’s advice for back pain. Don’t have back surgery, don’t take back pain medication, and don’t follow your doctor’s orders. Your best bet would be to stick to the alternative treatment plan outlined in Back Pain Breakthrough in order to eliminate your back pain permanently within 30 days on average.

It was created by a Philadelphia-based physical therapist named Dr. Steve Young.

The sales page also features a woman named Amy Palmer. Amy and Dr. Young claim the program is completely safe for anyone to take – no matter how bad your back pain is, no matter what type of medical conditions you have, and no matter what your doctor has told you in the past.

By following the treatment protocol, you can completely eliminate your back pain without drugs, surgery, or invasive methods. Just follow Dr. Young’s recommended therapies, then completely eliminate your back pain within an average of 30 days.

Dr. Young asserts that his method can relieve back pain in as little as 30 days, regardless of the cause. Whether you have sciatic pain, general back discomfort, or any other issues, you can follow the program to eliminate back pain without breaking a sweat.

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Back Pain Breakthrough Features & Benefits

According to Dr. Young’s claims program will lead to all of the following benefits:

  • Get instant relief from back pain with a 30-second movement anyone can perform daily at home
  • Relieve any and all back pain without the use of any tools or exertion
  • Make use of the same exercises that professional athletes use to avoid injury for an extended period of time
  • Avoid physical therapy, chiropractors, invasive medical procedures, pain pills, and pain relief supplements
  • Get immediate relief from back pain and then long-term relief in 3 to 4 weeks.
  • Pain in the back is obviously a complicated issue. Even the most effective treatments for back pain don’t help all of their patients. However, Dr. Young is confident his protocol is different. A closer look at how Dr. Young and Amy came up with the protocol will be presented here.


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