Healthy Snacking is effective to help add extra nutrients into your diet as well as it is a good tide over in-between meals so you don’t get overly hungry. It is important to choose a healthy snacks as the majority of us snack throughout the day, thus adding more calories. This is why the art of healthy snacking is crucial when choosing healthy options oppose to a quick fix from the vending machine. Luckily Veronica Bosgraaf has joined us today to discuss this topic about healthy snacking. Veronica is the founder of Pure Organic and is sharing her passion for healthy snacking with the world, one bar at a time.

Here is What You’ll Learn about Healthy Snacking in this Podcast:

  • Veronica Bosgraaf's Healthy Lifestyle Journey
  • Why is it important to eat healthy snacks
  • What are some top healthy snacks
  • Understanding where your whole foods are coming from
  • Veronica's Lifestyle Challenge!


The Art of Healthy Snacking

Veronica Bosgraaf

Veronica Bosgraaf is the founder of Pure Organic and author of the Pure Food Cookbook. She began Pure in her kitchen with the inspiration of her daughter, who independently decided to be a vegetarian at 6 years old, and her experience as a high school biology teacher witnessing the importance of nutritious eating in young adults. Especially as a mom, she was disappointed with the lack of clean options that were packaged and convenient, and began to create her own for her family. Once she began bringing the bars to school and family functions, people were impressed with how great they tasted and completely shocked when were told how healthy they were. Realizing that her healthy but delicious recipes should be available to everyone, she searched for a manufacturer and the rest is history. Pure Organic has since been acquired by Kashi where Veronica remains the active founder. In February of 2015 Veronica launched her first cookbook, Pure Food: Ear Clean with Seasonal, Plant-Based Recipes.


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Bring more whole, real ingredients into your kitchen and replace processed foods with the 120 plant-based recipes in Pure Food.
A busy mother of three who was frustrated with trying to find healthy, organic snacks for her kids, Veronica Bosgraaf decided to make one herself, the Pure Bar. Now nationally available and widely beloved, the bar kick started a nutrition overhaul in Veronica’s home. Clean foods and a new, simple way of cooking and eating replaced anything overly processed and loaded with sugar.

Organized by month to take advantage of seasonal produce, Pure Food shares Veronica’s easy vegetarian recipes, many of which are vegan and gluten-free, too.

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