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Whats in store today?

Well we could all use some knowledge on how we can incorporate home workouts into our daily lives that are going to help us gain muscle mass and cut the fat, and the people over at Furious Fitwear have just the product to help us out!

This episode focuses on The Door Gym and how we can get the maximum value out of this versatile home gym equipment!

EPISODE 1: The Door Gym


Everyone’s first question is usually “What is a Door Gym?”

Well, a door gym is a simple piece of fitness equipment which can be installed on a door to do pull ups or chin ups and that’s why the name – door gym pull up bar.

You can do extreme upper body exercises with this simple fitness product

And you can change your hand grip to target different muscles. Interestingly you can also use it on the floor for dips or sit up workouts.

Alright, well with all these possible exercises, is the door gym a large bulky item?

Absolutely not!  Furious Fitwear’s Door Gym is portable, light weight and super easy to carry along anywhere.


(Source: Door Gym and the picture is provided by FuriousFitwearStore.com)

It can be stored pretty much anywhere and it takes up virtually no extra space!  Under the bed? in a closet? It fits.

This product is extremely affordable, and the fact that it’s so unobtrusive yet still gives all the benefits of a commercial gym workout, what’s not to love?

Wow, so when should a Door Gym should be used?

The Door Gym is a fantastic way to get that workout in anywhere, anytime. Whether it’s at home, the office, or even on vacation, the door gym needs no special time or planning in order to be used.

  • Portability – allows for you to use it for as little or as long as you want.
  • Simplicity – short workouts will still produce results.
  • Convenience – available to you 24/7.

So, whether you are a morning, noon or night exerciser, or someone who only likes a few workouts a week, this door gy is amazing and will give you the benefits of a complete gym workout…no matter what the level of expertise or location.

Who should consider buying it?

Absolutely everyone should! Even you Jay!

Honestly, whether you are a first time gym user, someone who only likes to think about burning calories, or someone who is really looking to build those muscles, this is the product for you!

With varying exercises and degrees of difficulty, the door gym will provide you with exactly what you need by using your own body weight.  Those looking for more advanced exercises may begin to add weight to themselves or even attach resistance bands for that added level of difficultly.

For those not quite ready for pull ups, the door gym can also be used on the floor for less challenging core body exercises!

People of all shapes, sizes and fitness levels are loving this product for its versatility and results. There really is no “type” for this product. That’s the beauty of it, no need to be intimidated to start using one today!

And how does it work exactly?

The Door Gym is designed to sit on the lip of your door’s frame and allow for multiple upper body workouts. Pulling your body weight up using the hand grips allows for your arms, shoulders and back muscles to be targeted, while taking the unit off of the door frame and placing it on the floor, allows for triceps and core to be targeted.

Using different variations and combinations of the exercises like sit ups, push ups and dips will begin to strengthen and tone your body, all over.

Can you explain Pull up Exercises with the door gym further?

Definitely.  First you’re going to want to install your Door Gym on a door frame of your choosing (between 24 and 32”) and place your hands on the foam hand grips with the back of your hands facing you.


(Source: Door Gym and the picture is provided by FuriousFitwearStore.com)

Begin to pull your body up towards the bar so your hands reach your face. Then you’re going to lower your body back down in a controlled manner.

For a chin up, simply reverse your hands so the back of them face away from you. Again being to pull your body up pausing at the top and slowly lowering back down.

Repeat these steps for as many sets and repetitions as you would like, I suggest 4 sets of 5 repetitions while you’re starting out…trust me that sounds like nothing, but give it a try and get back to me! I couldn’t even do one full one when I first started!

*It is also important to remember that we always want to remain in control of our movements as we complete these exercises.  So if you find yourself quickly “falling” or releasing from the pull up or chin up position rather than slowly lowering yourself, then you are not using your muscles properly and will be sacrificing results. *

If you can’t quite control the decent, simply lower your repetitions.

Well, all of this information has been fantastic, any final words?

I’d just like to say to everyone listening, that The Door Gym is truly a unique fitness item and I suggest to all listeners that this is such an affordable item, that they should take action and buy it today!

I am confident that you guys will love it!


Thanks for listening and don’t forget to check out Furious Fitwear Store to check out the Door Gym for yourself and we’ll see you all in the next episode!

Until next time!

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