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Continuing on our knowledge journey of all things fitness, I know there are a lot of questions surrounding a very popular fitness accessory that people are currently sporting, and our episode today will help clear a lot of those up. I’m of course talking about compression sleeves; More specifically, Knee Compression sleeves.

So without further adieu, let’s dive into episode two!

EPISODE 2: The Knee Compression Sleeve


Everyone’s first question is usually “What is a Compression Sleeve?”

Compression sleeves are a wearable fitness product designed to slide on over top of your arms, legs, ankles and knees to protect the joints from future injury or risk of damage by adding warmth and limiting joint movement.
Specifically we are talking about Knee Sleeves and this specific knee sleeve  from Furious Fitwear is a Micro Fiber blend consisting of 68% polyamide, 8% spandex and 24% latex.
The protection this sleeve offers is especially important for knees that get put under daily pressure like running, jumping or weightlifting.

What sleeves do provide is valuable compression, which helps to increase blood flow and reduces pain and swelling in the knee joint during and after a workout. This will ultimately help you to recover quicker—thus allowing you to perform better on a day-to-day basis.

Simply put, using a knee sleeve results in less pain and swelling during and after performance.

So is the compression element what makes this such a great fitness accessory?

Knee injuries are a problem in the sports world.  All too often we see blown ligaments or torn cartilage in a variety of athletes.
The use of a protective or preventive knee sleeve is an attempt to reduce the occurrence or severity of injuries to the knee joint and ligaments without inhibiting overall knee mobility.
Knee sleeves for intermediate to advanced weightlifters is strongly encouraged, as the support that they provide, really does help with holding the entire knee in place, thus preventing injury.


(Source: Knee Compression Sleeve and the picture is provided by FuriousFitwearStore.com)


Wow, so when should a Knee Compression Sleeve be used?

Simple, everyday activities such as running, jumping and weightlifting are great examples of when to sport a Knee Compression Sleeve.
Lifting, and specifically lifting heavier, literally grinds the kneecap onto itself due to the force being applied which is often the cause of progressive tendonitis.
When performing squats, snatches, or other weight bearing exercises that use the knee as a primary lifting source, a compression knee sleeve is going to provide the support necessary to complete these movements comfortably and safely.
Any time the knees are left weak or vulnerable, it puts them at the greater risk of damage, and unfortunately, that damage is usually long-term.
Knee sleeves do not however need to be worn for all weightlifting exercises. If the knee is not involved as a primary lifting source, they are not necessary.

Who should consider buying it?

Honestly, anyone looking to provide support and warmth to their knee joints, promote blood flow, aid in recovery, reduce swelling and discomfort, provide lateral stability when performing functional movements and limit your risk of injury and long term damage, can benefit from a compression sleeve.
Whether you are a novice to experienced weightlifter, a runner, climber or sports player, this product is something everyone can add to their workout routine!
A knee sleeve can be the perfect companion to not only help you perform safer and longer, but it can also help prevent that familiar post-workout soreness.

And how does one know what size of sleeve to buy?

Like we touched on earlier, the Knee Compression Sleeve is made up of a Micro Fiber blend that does have a little bit of stretch to it for comfort, but it is definitely important to properly measure your leg to ensure satisfactory compression and results!

Watch this short video to learn more about proper fit
To do this, simply measure around your thigh at 4″ above the center of your knee (your patella) to find your thigh circumference.
Based on that number, you can select from the three size variations offered by Furious Fitwear; Small will fit 14.5-17″, medium will fit 17-19.5″ and the large size will fit 19.5-22 inch circumferences.
The sleeve should not be too tight.  That’s not necessary to make them effective at alleviating your pain.  If the sleeve is too tight you will simply not wear it.
With that said, using it is as simple as slipping it on, over your knee and going about your activities!


Well why a sleeve? What’s the difference between that and a knee brace?

First things first, knee sleeves are not considered an actual brace. They do not have any hinges, struts or mechanical support.
While knee braces are normally worn when there is already an existing injury such as a blown ACL, knee sleeves are more apt for regular use by athletes with healthy knees or for casual or “weekend” workouts.
A brace is more or less going to act as a replacement knee, restricting mobility, whereas sleeves do not limit or replace the function of a normal knee, they support it.
Many scientific studies on the effects of compression knee sleeves show that they also improve the pain of arthritis significantly.
This means that everyday activities become easier and better tolerated when you wear a knee compression sleeve.
Those with patella pain, anterior knee pain or a runners knee, will feel better with a compression sleeve as well.
So in a nutshell, Knee braces are for injuries – knee sleeves are for support!…before an injury occurs.

img_2085(Source: Knee Sleeve and Pushup Stands; the picture is provided by FuriousFitwearStore.com)


Well, all of this information has been fantastic, any final words?


Too often we see people throw on a compression sleeve and assume they are protected and ready to start lifting those heavy weights or launching right into that long run.
Well don’t!
While a pair of  knee sleeves can do wonders in making exercises and runs more comfortable and efficient, it does not mean that you should forego a proper warmup all together!
You still need to work on your mobility and stretch your hamstrings, quads and hips well before you lift heavy weights or tackle long distances.

Sleeves are not a replacement for recovery days. While the compression from the sleeve will speed up the recovery process a little, it does not mean that you should cut down on the quantity and quality of your rest days.
Last but not least, we do not want to sacrifice proper form and technique because of our new found knee support.

Good form will always be your best friend when it comes to pain free workouts!



Thanks for listening and don’t forget to check out Furious Fitwear Store to check out the Knee Compression Sleeve for yourself and we’ll see you all in the next episode!

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