There are many ways to make yoga exciting for this summer. For one, you can learn how to do Acro yoga. In this podcast episode discover the basics with teacher Miles Kroeker.

Acro yoga (also called acrobatic yoga) is a form of yoga fusion that combines traditional yoga with acrobatics. Through balance, communication, and trust, the team works to achieve inversions and balances they may never attempt in a conventional yoga.

Here is What You’ll Learn in this Healthy Lifestyle Podcast:

  • Miles' Healthy Lifestyle Journey
  • What is acro yoga?
  • Why try acro yoga?
  • The benefits creating a yoga practice
  • The different roles in acro yoga
  • Building community
  • Miles' Lifestyle Challenge!


About Miles

Miles Kroeker

Recognizing the seemingly unlimited potential of the human body, Miles has been intrigued by many forms of fitness and experiences which involve his mind, body and spirit! Yoga, acro-yoga and Gymnastics Rings have been a few of these experiences that he has found particularly fascinating.

This continued interest eventually had him deciding to further his education outside of his own practice. Taking the "personal training specialist" course through Can-Fit Pro, Miles helped further develop his understanding of the human body and apply it to his many years of self-discovery.

Always wanting to help others by teaching and sharing the experiences he has had, Miles continually goes to workshops & seminars related to fitness, yoga & nutrition & cooking. Striving to learn as much as possible about these things to provide the best learning environment for his clients. Miles currently provides personal training services out of World Health club in Calgary, where he is fully supported in his quest to help people be the best they can be!

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Acro yoga, lifestyle challenge, mile kroeker

Acro Yoga Unity Festival

August 24 - 28, 2017

Enderby, BC, Canada

UNITY : noun, plural unities.
1. the state of being one; oneness.
2. a whole or totality as combining all its parts into one.

3. the state or fact of being united or combined into one, as of the parts of a whole; unification.


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