If you want to learn more about how Healthy Lifestyle Show Podcast were started, keep reading and be part of our journey.

The Beginning of Healthy Lifestyle Show…

Healthy Lifestyle Show Podcast was started when our founder Jay Author had gone through numerous health challenges and overcome those challenges with the help of his mother. Jay lost his mother by the end of 2016 and he started this podcast as a tribute to him mom’s legacy because she was a champion of the healthy lifestyle habits, foods and routine.

Healthy Lifestyle Show Podcast is dedicated to creating a community of those people who are interested in supporting their healthy lifestyle with healthy foods, natural herbs, active lifestyle and healthy routine. Everything comes slowly when you surround yourself with this type of environment where you listen to healthy tips, healthy tricks and healthy tactics. That’s what we do in this podcast.

It’s all Free to listen to any of our podcast shows. We are almost everywhere on the podcast platforms so no matter which one you want to subscribe, you will find us there.

For those who love to listen to our podcasts on our website, we always have more for them in terms of free resources and other useful links so that they can support their healthy lifestyle.

The Healthy Lifestyle Show Mission

The Mission of Healthy Lifestyle Show Podcast is as follow:

  • Provide well researched information related to various lifestyle challenges
  • Provide this information in an easy to follow way which can be used by anyone
  • Provide information through membership areas which must be dedicated to one health challenge only
  • Provide information for education purpose only
  • The ultimate goal is to empower users with the right information so that they can ask right questions and they can decide what's right for them in consultation with their doctors

Healthy Lifestyle Show Core Values

The Core Values of Healthy Lifestyle Show Podcast are as follow:

  • Create top quality info products on various lifestyle-related health challenges
  • Provide superior customer service
  • Provide excellent value and competitive prices in the marketplace
  • High ethical standards, integrity and fairness in all our dealings with suppliers, customers, and employees

The Development of Healthy Lifestyle Formula!


While developing the concept of the Healthy Lifestyle Show, we got the opportunity to get the direct feedback through other sister companies. The main message from a majority of the customers was that our theme should be very simple and easy to follow.

We are very proud of our team as we created a very simple concept of Healthy Lifestyle Formula which anyone can follow:

Right Attitude + Right Mindset + Right Foods + Right Exercises + Right Supplements = Healthy Lifestyle

You can click here to learn more about the healthy lifestyle formula.

Our Support Team

If you need any help from us, you can contact us at the following or by clicking here to reach us through our Support Desk:

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