Do you know what VivaSlim is?

A dietary supplement called VivaSlim can be purchased online.

At $50 for a 60mL bottle, this diet supplement boasts 11 all-natural ingredients that it says will help you achieve your weight loss goals. Contains plant extracts, vitamins, minerals and proteins that help you lose weight.

Drink VivaSlim three times a day by mixing 10 drops of the supplement with water or any other beverage of your choice.

Simple Promise, a supplement manufacturer based in Washington, makes VivaSlim.

What Is VivaSlim’s Mechanism?

Weight loss, improved cardiovascular health, and increased energy are all claimed benefits of VivaSlim.

  • Reduces the desire for food
  • Metabolism is boosted
  • Maintains a healthy cholesterol balance.

Weight loss supplements like African mango extract and African plum bark extract are used in VivaSlim to achieve these advantages. Rhodiola Rosea and astragalus, which aren’t commonly found in other weight-loss supplements, are also in it.

It’s not just that these ingredients help you lose weight. They’re said to activate your fat cells, causing them to burn calories instead of fat.

According to VivaSlim, the root cause of belly fat is a lack of adiponectin, which VivaSlim claims to target by switching fat cells into release mode. The lack of adiponectin in your body is preventing you from losing weight, and VivaSlim claims to fix this problem by making your body burn fat.

Weight loss is possible with VivaSlim.

ViviaSlim claims to help you lose a significant amount of weight, based on the sales page.

A 43-year-old mother of three who took VivaSlim claims to have lost 54 pounds. According to this woman, the formula cleared her head of fog and made her as sharp as she’d ever been.

According to VivaSlim’s sales page, a 69-year-old man lost 36 pounds after taking the supplement.

Vivaslim claims to have helped another woman shed 49 pounds of “ugly fat,” she says. That woman had tried a variety of diets and other methods to shed the pounds, but none of them worked for her. The only thing that worked was VivaSlim.

Components of VivaSlim

To make matters more confusing, VivaSlim does not make available the exact dosages of each of the ingredients in the formula. Only 200mg of total active ingredients are listed, but we don’t know the exact dosage of any of them. \

African mango extract, L-ornithine, and L-carnitine are the first listed ingredients, and these are all common ingredients in other weight loss supplements.

Water and USP-grade alcohol form the base of the formulation, which contains the active ingredients. 120 servings are in each bottle (0.5mL per serving).

Simple Promise explains the components of VivaSlim and how they work as follows:

Extract from African Mangoes

You can supposedly lose weight and improve your cholesterol and diabetes control by taking VivaSlim’s African mango extract. The “African Mango Complex” on the label of the VivaSlim formula contains a significant amount of Africa mango extract.


L-ornithine is touted as a detoxifier and muscle builder. The more fat-burning lean muscle you have, the better off you’ll be in the long run. Many weight loss and muscle-building supplements contain L-ornithine. An amino acid, it is essential for the synthesis of proteins and the synthesis of cellular energy.


L-ornithine is frequently combined with the amino acid L-carnitine. Using L-carnitine can help you lose weight and improve your brain function, according to Simple Promise. As a result, it has a significant impact on your body’s ability to burn fat for energy.


VivaSlim’s L-arginine, the third of the five amino acids in the supplement, is said to reduce body weight and waist circumference.


VivaSlim contains L-glutamine as the fourth amino acid. Like L-arginine, L-glutamine is said to promote “significant weight loss and better insulin regulation,” among other things. Additionally, Simple Promise claims that the L-glutamine in VivaSlim can have an impact on immune health and intestinal health, among other advantages.


Pre-workout supplements often include beta-alanine as an ingredient. It’s an amino acid that boosts your energy levels while providing your body with the components it needs to build lean muscle mass..


Maca is a South American herbal extract. Many studies have shown that maca can help with mental and physical well-being. For its purported effects on libido and blood flow, maca is commonly found in male sexual health supplements.


According to Simple Promise, niacin, a B vitamin, may help lower cholesterol, ease arthritis, improve cognitive function, and reduce inflammation.

African Pygeum

Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties are attributed to this herbal extract, which is also known as African plum bark extract.

The Rose Rhodiola

The adaptogenic properties of Rhodiola Rosea have been used for centuries. Studies have shown that Rhodiola Rosea can help alleviate symptoms of anxiety, fatigue, and depression. Rhodiola Rosea may help your body’s defenses against stress, both physical and mental, according to some research.


For thousands of years, the herb astragalus has been used in Chinese medicine. Other health benefits of the herbal extract include an immune-boosting effect as well as an anti-aging and anti-inflammatory effect.

It is because of the combination of these components that VivaSlim is able to aid in weight loss.

VivaSlim’s Credibility as a Medical Device

VivaSlim’s weight loss claims have not been validated in any clinical trials, according to Simple Promise. The ‘References’ page of the company, on the other hand, lists 13 studies. In-house research on VivaSlim’s individual ingredients was done by independent third parties.

In an interview with VivaSlim creator Alex, he refers to an experiment in which he used his formula on four women. VivaSlim is one of the most powerful weight loss aids in human history, with an average weight loss of 45 pounds in that trial. In that study, Alex does not cite a source or provide additional information about his methodology.

Finally, VivaSlim

There are numerous weight loss products on the market, but VivaSlim is one of the more popular ones. Supplements like this one contain African mango extract and other herbal extracts that suppress hunger, regulate cholesterol, and encourage weight loss.

When used in conjunction with a healthy diet and regular exercise, VivaSlim may help you achieve your weight loss goals. Many of the weight-loss claims made on the VivaSlim sales page appear to be exaggerated, particularly the claim that users can lose significant amounts of weight without engaging in any form of physical activity at all. exercise.

Refunds are available for VivaSlim for an entire year. It is possible to get a full refund if you are not satisfied with the outcomes of using VivaSlim or if you did not lose a significant amount of weight while doing so.


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